Way back in 1998 a couple of Dudes (The Coen Brothers)  released a movie about a man. He was the man for his time and place, and we're talkin about "The Dude" here.  Now the movie didn't have a lot of initial success and was considered a flop in the theaters.  But as these things happen, word got out man, and a whole lot of people caught on to The Dude's groove over the next several years.  The movie has gained what some would call a cult following and even spawned its' own religion of sorts.  Dudeism was founded by a cat named Oliver Benjamin who recognized a lot of wisdom and clarity in the Dude and thought he was someone we should all strive to be more like.  Kind of a modern day Buddha, an unrefined, under-employed, and completely unexpected,  source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands.  To the point that there are over 300,000 Dudeists world-wide today!  While a lot of people view Dudeism as a farce, or not a "real religion" (and that's like, you know, their opinions man…), the reality for many is that they've found something in Dudeism that they weren't finding elsewhere.  That the Dude, actually had a much deeper and universal message to offer than one might think at first glance.

The Order of the Dude is our little Dudeist group, founded in St. Augustine Florida by founder Van Daniels.  Growing up Catholic, our Dude Van found that he just wasn't finding a message he could connect with in Catholicism and began exploring other world religions trying to find an ideology that made sense, that tied the room, life, and the universe together.  Pretty early on he came to Eastern based religions,  Buddhism and Taoism, but found even these (in practice) were filled with a lot of inconsistent messages and figureheads consumed in politics and power in places.  In both cases, it would seem that the original messages were lost or corrupted by power, money, and politics. The usual reactionary types that screw things up for everyone.   After seeing the Big Lebowski (in actuality, probably after the third or fourth time seeing it) Van seemed to relate to the Dude and his "go with the flow" lifestyle and so Van went out and got himself Ordained in Dudeism in 2012. The Dude seems to be the embodiment of those good messages that seem to have been lost in all the world's religions. Abiding, going with the flow, and just generally being good to those around you.  Not stepping on the little guy, able to let go of the inconsequential but being willing to stand up for yourself, or the things you believe in when it matters.  Our group, is dedicated to doing what we can to live like, and teach others to find their path to takin er' easy and living more like the Dude.

The Podcast (Dudecast) will feature discussions on Dudeism, its' ideologies and parallels to other ideologies found in the other great religions of the world,  special guest appearances, beer, music, rants, philosophy, and coitus.