St. Louis

Er, what day is this again?

It's been a crazy couple of weeks Dudes, and ole Van's head has been spinning.  I was in St. Louis in the early part of the week, then spent a couple of days and just left Pittsburg, and now I'm sitting in the airport in Charlotte.  In between all of that I was putting the finishing touches on Episode 1 of the Dudecast which is now available on iTunes and on our site here under the Dudecast area. You can get it on iTunes here.   Hard to tell where I am at these days for sure.   Next week I'll be headed to bean town (Boston) and hope to get out and meet some fellow Dudes out that way.  If you have some ideas on great places to visit, or just drop anchor and abide... let me know.  Drop me a line @ and give me the inside line.    As always Dudes, just abide!