Don't miss the Next Dudecast! Our guest will be William Nuna Fielder, author of "The Dude See Scrolls"

You won't want to miss the next Order of the Dude Dudecast!  We've got William Nuna Fielder on to talk about his book "The Dude See Scrolls".  The book is an unexpected treasure with a great story that grabs and keeps you reading. An epic novel that underneath it all has some great insights to modern society and how we've lost our Dudely paths.  We at order of the Dude highly recommend you give it a read.  If you're a Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, Tolken, or George R.R. Martin Fan (Pretty mixed company, but man it works!), you'll love it.  William is a great Dude and spins a good yarn man.  You can find the book on Amazon and the episode will be posted next week so be sure not to miss it!    You can find the Dudecast on iTunes, YouTube, or right here on Order of the Dude.  If you like our style and dig the Dudecast, be sure to rate us on iTunes or just spread the word!   Shout out and thank you! to KahBudokon for giving us the great review on iTunes.   The more Dudes there are in the world, the better! So help us spread the word Dudes.