All things must end... or at least go on indefinite respite

Well dudes, I've been putting this off and doing some soul searching, but... All things must come to an end... or at least an indefinite respite. When we started the Dudecast we had a list of things that we really wanted to achieve and deliver with the Dudecast.  We wanted to have a platform to help spread the message of Dudeism, explore it and ourselves and help other Dudes out there come together. With that, we also wanted to build enough of a following that we were able to really achieve that. Lastly, and it really was the last item for us, we wanted to get to a point where there was some sponsorship interests so that we could at least recoup the costs of maintaining the Website and associated costs/Facebook/Twitter and all that. Really, we just wanted to be able to pay the yearly web hosting costs.  We knew that a lot of what we put in would never be recouped and that wasn't what we were worried about.  Each Dudecast is the result of about 20-30 hours of effort.  A couple of hours to record, then a lot more for editing and publishing things, not to mention lining people up.  Having full time jobs, and in my case being on the road every week on top of the time and effort involved in getting things out there has really somewhat killed the enthusiasm and drive to continue. We have really loved the support that we have gotten from everyone who was subscribing and feel grateful for all of the great people we have been able to interview and meet along the way.  The Dudeism community is amazing and we still love every bit of it.  But, unfortunately (at least for now) we need to do some "take it easy time" and end the Dudecast.  We weren't able to build the audience we had hoped to and the time investments (and financial ones) are getting more and more difficult and adding a lot of stress and we're just looking at things way too uptight man.  We really do want to thank everyone who listened to the Dudecast and supported us along the way!  You Dudes are awesome!  One day we may be able to find our sponsor, or our time and availability will change, or we might just find the spark again and we'll come back, but for now... Our Facebook Page and website (for now) will continue on, but the Dudecast is on indefinite hyatus.