Bathtub Jenn

The Dudecast is a bit under the weather... Still here... but a little wet!

Just wanted to say sorry Dudes!  We've been a bit under the weather, or well... under weather advisories for the past couple of weeks.  Episode 11 has been delayed as a result.  First it was Beau's turn and he had to evacuate for floods in Iowa.  Then I was in the thick of things in Florida for Hurricane Matthew.  We're all good, no worse for wear, but it did shut down operations for a couple weeks. The Dudecast is still alive and well though and we'll be back again next week with a brand spankin new episode featuring the Dudely Llama's right hand man and all around righteous Dude in the US, Gary Silva!  Soon after we'll have a couple more on their way with Gonzo Journalist, Cannabis Advocate, and Dudeist Priestess Jennifer "Bathtub Jenn" Knight joining us in Episode 13.   In the mean time, check out some of the past Episodes here!