Ok, We're needy...

Being needy and needing self-affirmation isn't really a very attractive quality for your day to day life and really something a Dude should avoid if at all possible..  But here's the proverbial "But"...   In Podcasting, it's kind of a necessary evil, otherwise we're just shouting into the void and hoping that what we're doing connects and resonates with the community that we want to support.  Constantly guessing if what you're doing is what people find valuable and worthwhile.  Over the past few months of the Dudecast, we've been less direct about asking for feedback. Trying to de-emphasize our neediness and hope that people are willing to organically respond and give us that feedback we really need to hear..  Well.. that hasn't really been feeding the monkey.  There are some important things I should mention here...  We are most definitely not in things for the money.  We have no sponsors, we don't provide advertisement apart from free advertising for events we feel Dudes would be interested in, and we're not selling anything.  (Well, we had thought about doing some shirts, but that turned out exhausting and overly expensive.  I mean... who would want to spend 30$ on a Dudecast shirt anyway).  This venture has been fully out of pocket for us to this point.  We do hope that at some point maybe we could pick up a sponsor or two, but really just to pay for the website expenses and maybe some better equipment for recording to improve the quality.  Ultimately we do this because we believe in this community, want to make a difference, work to bring to community together, and hope to  bring others to Dudeism.  Having said that, the nature of the beast is that we need your help.  For us to grow, reach a greater audience, and to know that we're achieving our mission, we need your feedback.  That can be giving us a rating on iTunes, reaching out to us on Facebook, Sharing our site or Dudecast with friends, or just sending a good ole email to let us know what you think.  Without this feedback we're like a child wandering into the middle of a movie... My point is... we need you Dudes!

The cat is out of the bag Dude! The Dudely Lama - Oliver Benjamin, On the next Dudecast!

That's right Dudes!  Oliver Benjamin, The Dudely Lama himself,  the founder of Dudeism, author of "The Abide Guide", "The Dude De Ching" and "The Tao of The Dude" will be on the next Order of the Dude Dudecast.  This is one you will not want to miss for sure. Oliver talks about life, and his views on where Dudeism has been, and is going in the future.  Until then, catch up on the previous Dudecasts on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, or you can listen or download them right from our site here.

The Arch Dude of York (Kristian Lewin) and Rev. Dudely Noted (Craig McEachern) from DudeismTV on the Dudecast

If you've missed the last two Dudecasts, you're really missing out Dudes!  On Episode 3 we had Kristian Lewin, better known as The Arch Dude of York on to talk about Dudestock UK and his involvement with helping raise money for the York Special Care Unit in his hometown of York, the ins and outs of his life since Dudestock, and what he's doing these days to abide and get by.  Then in Episode 4 we brought in Craig McEachern (Rev. Dudely Noted) from DudeismTV who talked about his life and philosophies, and how he has overcome adversity by following the way of the Dude. Both righteous Dudes, and both have stories worth checking out.   Don't worry though, you can still catch up by checking out the Episodes here.  So check it out Dudes!   Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, or you can use this URL in your Podcast Apphttp://orderofthedude.com/podcast?format=rss .  If you don't have either of those you can always find us on  YouTube.   If you have comments, want to be a guest, or want to get a shout out on the Dudecast, just email us at dude@orderofthedude.com


Help the Dudetopia Documentary Project get off the Ground!

Help the Dudetopia Documentary Project get off the Ground!

There's this Dude, way over in Egypt, that is working hard to make his dream.  A documentary on Dudeism and the Dudes around the world.  We dig his efforts so much that we've contributed $250 towards his cause and are committing another $250 next month.  Mahmoud Yahia, we really dig your style man! Let's help our fellow Dude realize this dream for us all.  You can find the Dudetopia Facebook Page here, and you can contribute to his campaign for the Dudetopia Documentary here.  Incidentally, Mahmoud will be making an appearance on the Dudecast sometime in one of the upcoming Episodes so be sure to subscribe so you can hear when he does.

The Day of The Dude / Official Launch of Order of the Dude Website

Well Dudes, here it is. Today is The Day of The Dude, and I thought it fitting that we should launch the website on this day, his day.  The Dude, the man for his time and place.  So sit back, relax, grab yourself a beverage man, and take er easy today.  You only get one go round in this divine comedy, so take the time to enjoy it and don't get too uptight about things. You can worry about feedin the monkey tomorrow, but for today just abide and celebrate right. You can always do tomorrow what........ ah hell, I lost my train of thought here.  Just don't forget to come by and check out the site http://www.orderofthedude.com