Whoa Dudes..... lost my train of thought there.. A whole bunch of updates

You may have noticed, I've kind of dropped the ball on updating this section. Sorry about that Dudes! A lot has happend and well... I like to say "I've eaten and slept since then" and ultimately that leads to me just forgetting.  We've had two episodes of the Dudecast released along with two tracks from The Dudes Lost Meditation tapes, crossed the 1000 Podcast subscription mark, and just generally been growin and expandin this little corner of the universe for all us Dudes out there.  Thanks to all of you who have made our launch thus far a success and we hope to make this place even bigger and better.   We've got some great guests joining us on the Dudecast over the next several episodes including Author/Professor/Philosopher/Martial Artist and one of the original "Pod-Fathers" Danielle Bolelli of "The Drunken Taoist" and "History on Fire" podcast fame..  Kristian Lewin, better known as "The Arch Dude of York", organizer of the first Dudestock in the UK... Craig McEachern, better known as "The Reverand Dudely Noted" and the founder of DudeismTv... and Mahmoud Yehia who is working on "Dudetopia", a documentary on Dudeism. We'll also be featuring some groovy music from Dudely artists on upcoming Dudecasts that should be pretty far out.  Next we are looking at releasing really cool swag including some T-shirts and Stickers for your car.  Well, that should catch things up pretty well for now... lots more to come, and I'll try to be a bit better at getting around to getting this section updated for you.   We Really, REALLY, want to hear from you with your comments, suggestions, if you want to be a guest on the Dudecast, or just if you want to say hello.  Drop us a line to Dude@orderofthedude.com and I promiss you'll hear back from us!

Take er easy Dudes!