The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 13 - Do you have any leads? w/Jennifer Knight

We talk to Jennifer Knight "Bathtub Jenn", Author, Gonzo Journalist, Cannibus Advocate and Podcaster about her upcomming book and podcast series.

Young Dudeist Casey Robinson joins Beau and I to talk about Life, the Universe and everything, and how to abide as a younger Dude. Of course, we ramble on as usual.

The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 12 - The Plane has crashed into the mountain! w/Claire Foster

I've never done this before author Claire Foster joins us to talk about her book, life, battling addiction and finding her way back with the help of the Dude
Then Beau and I talk about my time with the NoDAPL Protestors in North Dakota, the shitshow that was the US election, and where we go from here.

The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 10 - Is this..... a, what day is this? w/ Jim Hoosier (Liam!!!)

We talk to Jim Hoosier, better known as Liam from The Big Lebowski about his iconic role in the classic movie, his life as a LebowskiFest multi-veteran, and his take on life after the movie. Nicholas Baker from Kosmic Kahuna productions joins us to talk about the upcoming The Dude Abides event near Akron Ohio.  Then Beau and I ramble on as usual about religion and other nonsense.

The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 9 - Gotta feed the Monkey man! w/ Daniele Bolelli

We talk to Daniele Bolelli from The Drunken Taoist and History on Fire Podcasts, author of Create your own Religion and just all around good Dude!  Feature music from LebowskiFest veteran Winston Krause.  Then Beau and I get Walteresq on some politics, being a better Dude to the Homeless, and I give my take on The North Carolina Museum's 4th annual Big LebowskiThe Dude Abides Party. 

The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 8 - Where's the Money Lebowski!

On this Episode we talk to Will Russell, the Founder of Lebowskifest.  We get with Jeffery Peterson "The 420 Comic" to talk about comedy, cannabis activism, and his comic books including the Lebowski themed "The Achievers" which you can buy at Then Craig McEachern "Reverend Dudely Noted" from DudeismTV joins us to talk about his new EP "The Depression Suite" that can be bought from

The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 6 - Am I the only one that gives a $#!+ about the rules! w/Guest Oliver Benjamin

We talk to The Dudely Lama Himself - Oliver Benjamin.  Beau talks about wedded bliss.  We discuss life, tragedy, introspection and how to abide in trying times.  This episode is dedicated to the people that lost their lives in Orlando.  Our thoughts and hearts are with you Dudes.

The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 5 - I am the Walrus!

This time on the Dudecast we talk to William Nuna Fielder , Author of The Dude See Scrolls.  Beau and Van discuss taking Dudeism to the streets, what are our next steps. How to take your Dudeism events to the world, and we go all Walter over bathroom politics.  Plus, we make a HUGE announcement.  This is one you don't want to miss Dudes!

The Order of The Dude - Dudecast - Episode 4 - Rolling into the semis!

This week we talk to Craig McEachern, better known as Rev. Dudely Noted from DudeismTV. Beau and Dan ask "Does Dudeism have a place in today's society?", finding our tribal side, attachments and possessions, not so tasty pork, and Beau's nuptials.....  Dudeism... Practicing Mindfulness without all the touchy feely.   For all you Trump fans... Yeah, you're not going to like this one either.

The Order of the Dude, Dudecast - Episode 3 - Mind if I do a J?

This week on the Dudecast, we talk to Kristian Lewin, better known as "The Arch Dude of York".  Beau and Van talk about how we abide and practice Dudeism.  Then we go off on tangents about Weed, Hemp and Big Pharma.. Non-violent crime, sentence minimums, and drug classifications... Killer Moses!  ..  Perceptive Reality, Boobs, and Kim Kardashians ass.  Then finally the Prophecy that is Idiocracy!

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The Lost Meditation Tapes of the Dude - Track 1 - Binural Bowling - Venice Beach League Playoffs (1987)

From the Lost Meditation Tapes of The Dude, This track features the league playoffs bowling sounds over binural beats.  Perfect to keep the mind limber for meditation and extra carricular activities.  We'll be featuring these every now and then along with the Dudecast. Subscribe on iTunes or in your favorite podcast player to get them when they're published.