The Order of the Dude - Dudecast - Episode 8 - Where's the Money Lebowski!

On this Episode we talk to Will Russell, the Founder of Lebowskifest.  We get with Jeffery Peterson "The 420 Comic" to talk about comedy, cannabis activism, and his comic books including the Lebowski themed "The Achievers" which you can buy at milehighcomics.com. Then Craig McEachern "Reverend Dudely Noted" from DudeismTV joins us to talk about his new EP "The Depression Suite" that can be bought from Bandcamp.com.

The Order of The Dude - Dudecast - Episode 4 - Rolling into the semis!

This week we talk to Craig McEachern, better known as Rev. Dudely Noted from DudeismTV. Beau and Dan ask "Does Dudeism have a place in today's society?", finding our tribal side, attachments and possessions, not so tasty pork, and Beau's nuptials.....  Dudeism... Practicing Mindfulness without all the touchy feely.   For all you Trump fans... Yeah, you're not going to like this one either.